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These courses are for everyone who wants to know how to tell stories without words, with a series of pictures, or a story in a single shot!

"Everyone can be a photographer, but not everyone knows how to tell stories with their photos.."

~ David Dubnitskiy

Storytelling is

A Game Changer!


Whether you are a portrait, boudoir, nature photographer, or an illustrator, designer, or a genuinely creative soul, you should know that there are 2 equally important parts to your creations.


The Technical Side of things -

which includes knowing how to operate the camera, what gear to use, and how to edit your pictures, and this can be easy or hard.


You will learn a mixed approach for breaking down all challenging storytelling concepts into clear and simple steps.


The Narrative side - which carries your idea, your message, or a story to your viewers. How will you place your audience at the heart of the story?


You'll learn strategies for compelling narratives and discover the emotional visual elements that accompany every good visual story.

What Storytelling Secrets will You Discover?


There are 2 courses in the Photo-Storytelling Secrets Collection. I teach my techniques with examples from
Boudoir photography, which I use to inspire my

Both classes come with wickedly beautiful characters
and narratives
and a bag of tricks and tips that will help you understand photo-storytelling on a new level. These include:


  • How to draw more people to your visual narrative

  • How to elevate your photography to professional standards with storytelling alone!

  • How to find compelling characters and develop storylines

  • Post-production hacks for beautiful visual narratives

  • And so much more!

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